Almost 100 years in the Agricultural & Commercial industry.

Patata Nueva Valencia

We produce all varieties of Spanish Onions along with Potato seed & New Potatoes. Over the years we have imported & exported a vast amount of fresh produce to numerous countries all around the world.

Cebolla grano de oro valencia

From humble origins in 1923, we are the 3rd generation of a proud family business. We are continually evolving to adapt to our ever-changing markets, always striving to produce a Top- Quality product, maintain a good work ethic & above all else, focus on fulfilling our customer requirements.

Plantacion Patata Nueva Valencia

We take pride in overseeing our own crops from start to finish, choosing only the finest Virgin Soils located in the best growing regions in Spain.

We are proud to supply top-end customers that demand a high quality product & service across both National & International markets.


Cebolla grano de oro


A year round supply of Spanish GRANO DE ORO & all its varieties.

Patata nueva


Home grown Seed & New Potatoes

Envio cebolla y patatas


We can pack to our customers requirements, using a mix of nets, tubes, bags, boxes etc..

Fabrica de patatas y cebollas


Over 10.000m2 of up-to-date, supermarket certified, packing plant – easily adapted to any customer specification.


QUALITY is the KEYWORD for Asociacion de Exportadores de Patatas. We are 100% focused on maintaining our high standards of certification, from GlobalGap, to Leaf & British Retail Consortium to name but a few. However, having certificates is not our only goal.

Maintaining up-to-date facilities that meet the demands of todays markets.

100% control over our crop, from the procurement of prime land, best seed supply, experienced agricultural employees & controlled crop maintenance.

Co-ordinating a team of workers proud of our business, with pride in their work.

Reducing to a minimum, any necessary phytosanitary treatments whilst always keeping within the strict guidelines of our customers.

Fulfilling the commitments & demands of our client base.

Keeping abreast of & adapting to new changes in our marketplace.

Maintaining our position as a high-end supplier, based on our efforts & achievements over the last 100 years.

fabrica de cebollas y patatas

Asociación de exportadores de patatas

Avenida Espioca 16
Silla (46460)
Teléfono: 96 120 19 23
Fax: 96 120 13 51